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About Mangoes & Zen


We are Women ready to make a massive difference.

Mangoes to me represent lusciousness, ripe and juicy.  The aroma perfumes the air; the firmness of the flesh coupled with the perfectly divine taste shifts the senses into a gorgeously abundant reframe.  Nothing else matters than the complete immersion in this moment.

It’s a full body YES experience ~ you’re fully present… smelling, tasting, deliciousness running down your throat. And then back for more of that juicy, decadent goodness.  There’s nothing you’d rather do than to be completely, utterly immersed in the decadence filling your mouth, dribbling down your chin.  Nothing else to think about… feelings of bliss and delight flowing out and around you. 

It’s sexy.  It’s nourishing.  It quenches thirst in a most delightful way.  It’s good for you.  And you feel good about yourself when you devour one of these beauties.

Mangoes represent a life of luscious living ~ it’s a full body experience, thriving and in a beautiful flow relationship with the Universe.

Luscious living isn’t a fairytale!  It does, however, also require the Zen side of the equation:

~ self love

~ quiet introspection

~ connecting in with mentors / coaches / others to assist and facilitate

~ releasing patterns and blocks that are keeping you from leaping into your fullness, your empowered lusciousness

~ knowing your value

~ strengthening your connection with Source Energy

~ sharing your unique gifts and talents

~ uplifting your circle ~ your tribe ~ your place on the planet

When you come from a place of wholeness, clearing out the old debris and setting up new patterns and ways of being that allow your authentic, gorgeously unique selves to shine, then all the yummy scrumptiousness of a fully-embraced, living, thriving lifestyle begins to emerge.  

Feel it ~ revel in it ~ taste it… touch it… inhale it ~ manifest your ideal life ~ reignite passions and find new ones.

THIS is high frequency work.

THIS is how we transform.

We are willing to do this work so that we can create beautiful lives.

We are Women who are here to do this work because we know we can be powerful mothers / powerful partners / powerful business owners / powerful earners / and we know that we are worthy of our feminine power.

We choose to do this work in a way that feels good, and feels feminine, and holds the frequency of the divine.

We are willing to be guided, and to take the next right step, the next inspired action in the direction of our dreams, in the direction of having more than we have ever imagined.

We are here to amplify our presence, and make the world a better place.

And the ripple effect we have in the world is profound.

It is safe to trust ourselves.

It is safe to trust our desires.

Everything is conspiring together for our success.