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Voluntary Simplicity


✨Voluntary simplicity means
🌷Going fewer places in one day rather than more...

🌷Seeing less so that I can see more...

🌷Doing less so that I can do more...

🌷Acquiring less so that I can have more.

~ John Kabat-Zinn

Finding Yourself


✨"Finding yourself" is not really how it works.

✨You aren't a ten-dollar note in last winter's coat pocket.

✨You are also not lost.

✨I Feel Your Pain✨

Why Work With Me?


We sometimes say things like "I feel your pain"... "I know what that's like"... "I've been there"... 

Do we really?

Are we ever able to completely put ourselves in someone else's shoes?

I'm going to try...

2019 in Review

✨Getting Ready for the NEXT LEVEL✨


I’m in a full body love and gratitude space as this year winds to a close.

🌹Grateful for The Beloved ~ this beautiful man and how we continue to expand and amplify. We journey in a similar direction, and yet on very different paths.  I feel so very grateful for how we grow ~ shift ~ complement ~ share our unique voices to uplift our world.



💫What do you mean?💫

✨Let me ask you a question ~

👉How do you feel about ALL of you?👈

~ The parts of you that you love?
~ The parts of you that you struggle with?
~ Your feelings of anxiety?
~ Your past?
~ Your childhood?
~ Your decisions?
~ ALL of it?

✨Let's Talk about FEAR✨


I've spent the day uplevelling and upskilling my interpersonal facilitator skill set with a group of other amazing Life Coaches. 

Something that showed up with great constancy today is that when there are emotional barriers to clients' occupying their magnificence, they usually come down to FEAR.

Think about that for a second.

Where are Your triggers that keep You from transitioning into Your greatness?

Take a look at these possibilities ~

✨Did you know?✨


✨Did you know that 95% of our thoughts are unconscious?

✨And those thoughts are based on our programming ~ patterning ~ upbringing ~ conditioning✨

👉They are also mostly thoughts of what we DON'T want... what we are fearful of... lack... judgment...👈

💛What this means is that we live in a MINDFUL state thinking of our hopes ✨ dreams ✨ wishes ✨ desires ✨... 5% of the time💛


✨Time for a self-approval day✨


💛We've been taught our entire lives to be so hard on ourselves... to disapprove of ourselves💛

✨I've found most of us aren't even aware of how often we judge and shut down our emotions ~ until we're forced to do something different✨

👉Today's the day to do something different, Beauties👈

Gratefulness... and Release...


✨Had a bit of a provocative experience the other day with a stranger… at least I imagined them to be someone unknown to me…✨

Who stopped into the clinic, informed me who they are and what their work and spiritual journey are all about, and the places they've been and who they've held space for…✨

✨And then proceeded to tell me something that could have been construed as being disparaging ~ about me / my social media pages✨

((LURKER! Ah-ha!!)) 😁



✨When connecting in to my inner guidance, I received the message to soften✨


✨This word is becoming a touchstone for me as I feel into its texture and power✨

👉Softening is not passive👈

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