2019 in Review
2019 in Review
Cameron McCarthy

2019 in Review

✨Getting Ready for the NEXT LEVEL✨

I’m in a full body love and gratitude space as this year winds to a close.

🌹Grateful for The Beloved ~ this beautiful man and how we continue to expand and amplify. We journey in a similar direction, and yet on very different paths.  I feel so very grateful for how we grow ~ shift ~ complement ~ share our unique voices to uplift our world.

🌹Grateful for the gorgeous jaguar aka Black Cat, power animal sent to me to embody magical shifts.

🌹Grateful for the heartfelt messages from awesome soulmate clients and my amazing tribe across the globe letting me know they’ve felt inspired… cried ~ laughed ~ been triggered ~ have had breakthroughs… through our work together they have reignited their passions and made an impact and a difference in their lives.  Internal growth.  Financial growth.  Personal growth.  Conscious connections.  This lights me up.

🌹My own magical full-self-expansion and expression: 

✨~ claiming my worth 

✨~ honouring my needs 

✨~ setting clear boundaries 

✨~ trusting myself 

✨~ falling totally in love with the amazing woman I am 

THIS is what’s made my 2019 a year to remember.


What’s showing up for me moving forward?

🌹 2020... I’m only available for what lights up my soul 

🌹To rise up and embrace the highest desires that get to be birthed through me

🌹To dive way deeper than mindset and strategies to make quantum shifts

🌹 To be the voice for women to take our space and place in this world to infuse the feminine into our changing paradigm

🌹 To igniting and optimise incredible women into the fullest manifestation of their highest vision for themselves


❤️Getting ready to level up❤️

How about you?

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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