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💫What do you mean?💫

✨Let me ask you a question ~

👉How do you feel about ALL of you?👈

~ The parts of you that you love?
~ The parts of you that you struggle with?
~ Your feelings of anxiety?
~ Your past?
~ Your childhood?
~ Your decisions?
~ ALL of it?

✨Let's Talk about FEAR✨


I've spent the day uplevelling and upskilling my interpersonal facilitator skill set with a group of other amazing Life Coaches. 

Something that showed up with great constancy today is that when there are emotional barriers to clients' occupying their magnificence, they usually come down to FEAR.

Think about that for a second.

Where are Your triggers that keep You from transitioning into Your greatness?

Take a look at these possibilities ~

✨Did you know?✨


✨Did you know that 95% of our thoughts are unconscious?

✨And those thoughts are based on our programming ~ patterning ~ upbringing ~ conditioning✨

👉They are also mostly thoughts of what we DON'T want... what we are fearful of... lack... judgment...👈

💛What this means is that we live in a MINDFUL state thinking of our hopes ✨ dreams ✨ wishes ✨ desires ✨... 5% of the time💛



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