Feminine Empowerment - Mangoes & Zen



✨When connecting in to my inner guidance, I received the message to soften✨


✨This word is becoming a touchstone for me as I feel into its texture and power✨

👉Softening is not passive👈

You Are An Uplifter!


✨As you learn to focus your energy by caring about the way you feel, you will come into your true empowerment and your true physical embodiment✨

👉And you will begin to  live your life as you intended when you came into this physical body to begin with👈

💛And you will be one of those people that no matter who you run into, it will be to their advantage to have run into you💛

✨You will be the uplifter that   you were born to be✨

✨Rise and Shine, Beauties ~ today is your newest opportunity to align with love ~ with gratitude ~ with delight ~ with Source✨


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