💛A Day of Love💛
💛A Day of Love💛
Cameron McCarthy

💛A Day of Love💛

It’s a day of love for The Beloved and me… our anniversary.

We are in such a good place in our lives, and it’s quite a fun ramble down memory lane to recall everything that’s gotten us to this place:

✨major tribulations

✨shifting countries

✨operations and surgeries

✨family transitions

✨continuing education

✨fantastic travel


It really does take years to grow together into a relationship, doesn’t it Beauties?  I think it takes one second to fall in love… and to stay in love ~ love that is going to last ~ takes years. 

To become One means that you have similar ideals, similar goals for your future, but you are still two separate individuals who are going to react and respond to experiences quite differently.  From the first moments of unbridled passion… through challenges… to pivotal moments of growth and awareness… to major passages… to radical “Plan B’s” that manoeuvre life’s journey into places completely unexpected…

The look of radiance in the other’s eyes when you gaze at each other… successful manifestations that catapult you into other worlds and frequencies… the sheer joy of saying “yes” every morning to sharing the day’s experiences together… the work it takes to keep the relationship elevated… recognition of each other’s gifts and contributions… 

And on and on the list goes; today is a day I spend in outrageous gratitude for this amazing, incredible Being sharing Life with me.  


What does it feel like, really being in love?  Here’s some thoughts:

🌹It just feels right.  Honestly.

🌹You remain as individuals; neither is “completed” by the other.

🌹You realise all the ways you're not perfect together… and make it work anyway.

🌹Long-term love is very much a choice.  We actively choose each other.

🌹There’s a deep knowing that you trust, that your love will last.

🔥This one’s important, Beauties:  You could live without them… but you don’t want to.

🌹You overcome obstacles and challenges together ~ the more your relationship is put to the test, the stronger and healthier it becomes.


What are some of the things we do to keep our relationship on track?  

💛Self-care is high on the list; we each have different methodologies for ensuring we are coming from a place of wholeness ~ whether it’s bush baths, quiet time, yoga, self-reflection, tango dancing together in the kitchen.  He has his Man Cave; I have my Zen Den.  

💛We allow ourselves to be vulnerable… this is definitely key to a wholehearted life.

💛We commit with constancy to supporting and valuing each other, and help each other to continually shine our light.

💛We choose to celebrate everything that’s good in life!

💛We honour our bodies, and have an enormous focus on health and wellness for ourselves and others. Breathwork is a huge part of this for us, as it helps us slow down and unhook from the swirling “realities” around us.

💛We choose to wake up happy… and when we find ourselves in a state that’s different from that, make a conscious decision to get back to joy.  

💛We connect in to the natural flow of Life.

✨🌹💛And most importantly ~ we focus on gratitude… for our lives, individually and together… for tribe… for passions and interests and possibilities… 


💛🌹✨So for today ~ and all the years ahead of us ~ Happy Anniversary, my Beloved.  Looking forward to everything in our future!


I wish you all the joy and delight you can envisage for yourselves, Beauties.


Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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