✨Did you know?✨


✨Did you know that 95% of our thoughts are unconscious?

✨And those thoughts are based on our programming ~ patterning ~ upbringing ~ conditioning✨

👉They are also mostly thoughts of what we DON'T want... what we are fearful of... lack... judgment...👈

💛What this means is that we live in a MINDFUL state thinking of our hopes ✨ dreams ✨ wishes ✨ desires ✨... 5% of the time💛


✨Time for a self-approval day✨


💛We've been taught our entire lives to be so hard on ourselves... to disapprove of ourselves💛

✨I've found most of us aren't even aware of how often we judge and shut down our emotions ~ until we're forced to do something different✨

👉Today's the day to do something different, Beauties👈

Gratefulness... and Release...


✨Had a bit of a provocative experience the other day with a stranger… at least I imagined them to be someone unknown to me…✨

Who stopped into the clinic, informed me who they are and what their work and spiritual journey are all about, and the places they've been and who they've held space for…✨

✨And then proceeded to tell me something that could have been construed as being disparaging ~ about me / my social media pages✨

((LURKER! Ah-ha!!)) 😁



✨When connecting in to my inner guidance, I received the message to soften✨


✨This word is becoming a touchstone for me as I feel into its texture and power✨

👉Softening is not passive👈

You Are An Uplifter!


✨As you learn to focus your energy by caring about the way you feel, you will come into your true empowerment and your true physical embodiment✨

👉And you will begin to  live your life as you intended when you came into this physical body to begin with👈

💛And you will be one of those people that no matter who you run into, it will be to their advantage to have run into you💛

✨You will be the uplifter that   you were born to be✨

✨Rise and Shine, Beauties ~ today is your newest opportunity to align with love ~ with gratitude ~ with delight ~ with Source✨


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