💛Breaking Through💛
💛Breaking Through💛
Cameron McCarthy

💛Breaking Through💛

We’re beginning to emerge from our cocoons, Beauties.

Have you found your purpose?

Your passion?

Your reason for living in this time… right now?

I’d like to offer my thoughts here:

💛Realise that it is your purpose to perceive your reality and the world differently to others around you ~ while still remaining in harmony and oneness with all.💛

Does it resonate deeply in the core of your Being?

We are each in the process of re-birthing ourselves with expansion specific to our own BEing allowing us to actually become a different, more evolved BEing.

As we shed more and more of the old, we embrace more and more of the new…

💛new light

💛new hearts

💛new ideas

💛new minds. 


✨Let’s get comfortable and quiet, and take a moment for some high-frequency visualisation.


Deeply breathe in, and release.

And again.

One more time.

And as you breathe in, see the air around you filled with energy.  Crystal energy, rainbows of light that you are breathing into your body.

See these energy gifts as seeds that you are breathing in, crystal rainbow seeds, that you allow to become planted in your chakra spaces. 

Hear these luminescent seeds begin to hum… watch them spin with stunning rainbow light. 

Now add your own conscious intention of water light ~ ✨of joy✨ ~ to these seeds to encourage them to sprout.  They are your garden that you are cultivating. 

Hone your intention. 

Invite alignment with the divine benevolence of creation.  See this beam of high dimensional light flowing through your pillar further activating all of your chakra systems. 

See the seeds begin to sprout, to grow. 

See them blossom into the most exquisitely beautiful flowers, each colour corresponding to their chakra. 

See yourself as a stunning rainbow being of light, filled with the colours of your seeds, filled with the sparkling light flowing through you. 

Know that it is your intention to hold this high frequency of light at all times, in all moments. In doing so, you will be blessing and upgrading further the hearts of all humanity with this activation. 

✨And so it is.✨


💛Embrace the new rainbow of Love into your heart, Beauties.

It allows an enhanced ability to hold and BE in the most joy-filled life imaginable.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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