Feminine Empowerment - Mangoes & Zen

๐Ÿ’›Time to Listen... To You๐Ÿ’›


Most of us, at some time or another have experienced absolutely clarity in our lives. Our heads and hearts aligned. We knew what we wanted. We didn't have any reservations about voicing our dreams ~ envisioning it ~ moving towards the goal. The desire for something arose organically. It was easy to focus on it, wasn't it Beauties?  We moved towards our goals with decisiveness... guidance... and flow...

๐Ÿ‘‘Still A Manifesting Queen Without a Zen Den?๐Ÿ‘‘


We shifted house several weeks ago.

Our new home is magnificent ~ breathtaking ~ having outrageous expansive views along the Bream Bay coastline, where we live.

The house has every practicality... and luscious luxury... built into it that one can imagine.  Stunning doesn't even begin to capture just how uplifting and nurturing it is to wake up in this environment.๐Ÿ™



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