💛Chaos Births Change 💛
💛Chaos Births Change 💛
Cameron McCarthy
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💛Chaos Births Change 💛

We've made it to Level 3 here, and I've been thinking about change.

✨We obviously have had to change on many levels over these past four weeks; but I'm more interested in the changes that sometimes we delay making for fear of the unknown… or because we feel set in our comfortable (or perhaps familiar?) ways… or for any number of personal reasons. 

Change that is needed but delayed. 

Now, in these times, so many of us are finding we’ve been pushed forward:

~ forced into decisions

~ personal decisions

~ core gut-wrenching life-turning choices

~ or even small, daily simple choices.

This global pandemic moment we are all living in is setting the stage for choices, Beauties.  We choose at every single moment, and we are continually learning to be conscious in our choices. 

✨Think of it this way:  we’re each pebbles thrown into a pond, ripples spreading outward and interconnecting with the ripples of others.

✨Can you see it?

💛Look how our actions, our choices, generate radiance and upliftment into our world.  Affecting lives in unknown ways, beaming our sparkling light...

✨See how everything adds to what’s happening on a global level?

✨See how you matter?  And why your choices impact the whole?

Remember, Beauties:

💛Concentrated.  Conscious.  Creative.  Manifestation.  Into Reality.

💛In each moment.

So sit… breathe deeply… calm your mind… know in your heart that you are loved… know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be… know that everything that you need ~ and will ever need ~ will be provided for you.

And from this place

~ Ask yourself: what do you really need?  Find what is fundamental to you at a core level. 

~ Understand your choices and the reasons for them. 

~ Love yourself through all of your journey. 



✨Be compassionate.


💛Always Love.

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