💛Day 25...💛
💛Day 25...💛
Cameron McCarthy

💛Day 25...💛

What a fascinating time this has been:  we are each in the process of re-birthing ourselves in this quiet space, allowing us to become a higher frequency, a more evolved aspect of the Divine.  What a joyous time we have chosen to be alive ~ as we shed more and more of the old, we embrace more and more of the new: new light... new hearts... new ideas... new minds...

💛Some 💎mirror work💎 for today, Beauties.  Self-love is the foundation for all the joy we spread in the world; keeping our bodies / hearts / minds in a space of love allows for so much healing ~ of ourselves... our tribe... our world... our planet...

So get comfortable; connect into your mirror. 

✨Breathe slowly... deeply...

Look into the eyes looking back at you, and fill your heart with all the expansive love in your body, and breathe it into your cells.

And say the following ~ out loud ~ to that spectacular 💎You💎 in the mirror:

💛I Am pure love.

✨I am moving through big shifts right now.

💛I have the ability to go within and break free of my patterns, to let go of the ideas that were pushed on me in so many ways, that I am less than perfect.

✨I choose to let it ALL go.

💛I have something very beautiful within me that wants to be seen and heard, and I choose to break through the boundaries of my own limitations.

✨The time of fearing judgement has passed.

💛I choose to step out of fear, and let it ALL go.  

✨I Am pure love.

💛I am not alone.

✨I never was.

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