✨Did you know?✨
✨Did you know?✨
Cameron McCarthy

✨Did you know?✨

✨When we live in an unconscious state, we take direction from family, from our past, our programming and our outdated beliefs✨

✨And most people live each day on autopilot with an undercurrent of all the things they DO NOT want running the show✨

👉How do we change this ? 👈

✨First get conscious of those thoughts✨

✨Mindful of our thoughts✨

✨Become the observer of our thoughts✨

✨Ask yourself some questions... like
~ Do I actually believe what I'm thinking? and
~ What do I choose instead?

💛You might choose a tool like visualisation, or listening to audio going to sleep ~ reprogramming the mind as you slip into the theta state with what you DO want... love ✨ happiness ✨ joy ✨ wealth ✨ confidence💛

✨Once we realise we are not our thoughts we are able to open up to all of the possibilities that exist within us AND external to us✨

✨We begin to free ourselves of the daily internal battles ~ and we begin to LIVE

✨What will you manifest today, Beauties?✨

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