Falling in Love With Each Moment
Falling in Love With Each Moment
Cameron McCarthy

Falling in Love With Each Moment

✨When we have a clear sense of where we're going, we become flexible in how we get there.

✨What if we could fall in love with the way things are, in this moment?

✨Try it right now ~ notice what you're resisting, what you don't want about this moment... maybe stress... perhaps uncertainty.. possibly pain or anger.

✨See if you can turn towards it ~ open up to it ~ maybe find gratitude about it.

💛See if you can love it... even a little.

✨In many ways, this moment is amazing: there's light ✨ life ✨ air ✨ nature ✨ beauty ✨ sound ✨ sensation.

✨In some ways, it's terrible: there's tragedy... pain... loss... suffering... death... hunger... poverty... war.

🌷And yet
~ We grieve our losses with gorgeous open hearts
~ Struggle in poverty with incredible courage
~ There is so much human resilience in the midst of tragedy

💛We can fall in love with any moment, if we choose to open to it.

✨This is a lovely practice, Beauties ~ open up to falling in love with this moment.

✨Over and over.

✨Practicing and shifting.

✨Be flexible on your journey today... fall in love with all your moments.

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