Cameron McCarthy


You know the feeling, don't you?

Those quick gasping little breaths; alternately breath held and body frozen.


We've been given heaps of opportunities to fall into fear these days ... lockdowns ... privacies taken away ... QR codes required for tracking ... no more cash, cards only to stay "contactless" ...  Plenty of moments to dissolve into fear, aren't there?


The way I see it, fear is really more of a result than it is a cause (although it turns into a cause as well).

It's my belief that fear is simply a result of feeling disconnected to who we really are.  Simply this.


And it's no wonder we get scared. It's quite terifying to feel disconnected from the source of all things ~ ✨truth… ✨peace… ✨freedom… ✨power… ✨beauty… ✨love…


Aren't we amazing, as humans, how we want to "take fear on" and "beat it"?  Fear gets us all riled up. And don’t we have a lot of drama associated around fear?!  We want to destroy fear.  Conquer it.  Chop it up into tiny itsy bitsy pieces and eviscerate it. 


Unless we're physically wrestling a lion with our bare hands, there's nothing to do: only see fear for what it really is: an incredibly sophisticated built-in alarm system, graciously warning us we've just become disconnected. 


It's not the real problem itself.  In the same way a fire alarm is not the fire. 

Fear is our alarm… it's our disconnection that provides the torment.


And of course, as we know, experiencing constant fear in our bodies can turn into a big problem in itself.


When we see fear for what it really is, we don't have to do anything with IT at all. 


💛We just get to reconnect to who we really are. 


That's it. 


💛Even "disconnection" itself is nothing to fear, since we can never really be disconnected. We can only feel like we are.


As we reconnect to who we really are, any fear will disappear instantly. Guaranteed. It's actually an impossibility to feel fear when we're connected to who we really are.


✨So unless you are in physical danger, might I suggest these simple fear-eliminating instructions:

💛Feel fear?  Reconnect. 

💛Feel fear?  Reconnect. 

💛Feel fear?  Reconnect. 


The scary ~ yet enlightening ~ thing that may also come to light is just how often we're in fear without even realising it.  Not to worry; now that you know, you can shift this quickly.  Just remember, the next time you feel fear, there's no need to fight it. Simply connect to who you really are ~ in whatever way that works best for you in that moment.


💛Some examples of ways to reconnect ~

✨Acknowledge your truth in the moment (including the fear you’re experiencing)

✨Breathe, slowly and deeply

✨Become present with what is

✨Let go

✨Drop personas

✨Embrace unconditional love and acceptance


✨Be vulnerable



✨Do what's joyful

✨Act on your passion

✨Commune with nature

✨Connect authentically with others

✨Some say chocolate… who am I to argue? 🌞


Add your favourites to the list.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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