💛For today, Beauties ~
💛For today, Beauties ~
Cameron McCarthy

💛For today, Beauties ~

✨May all of the hidden parts of yourself enter the light✨

✨💛May all of your unfelt feelings be felt💛✨

✨May you have a crystal clear glimpse of your own boundlessness✨

✨💛May your inner monologue cease, and may you experience stillness💛✨

✨May you experience the beauty of each moment that the babbling mind eclipses✨

✨💛May you know yourself intimately, without disguises or distortions💛✨

✨May your authenticity astonish you✨

✨💛May you truly, deeply see yourself, and find there what you’ve always been looking for💛✨

✨May you be truly, deeply seen by someone else ~ and may you allow yourself to be seen by them✨

✨💛May you find a home in your body💛✨

✨May the earth feel your gratitude✨

✨💛May the earth feel your love💛✨

✨May the thrum of the earth dance through you✨

✨💛May you fall in love with that dance💛✨

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