Gratefulness... and Release...
Gratefulness... and Release...
Cameron McCarthy

Gratefulness... and Release...

✨Had a bit of a provocative experience the other day with a stranger… at least I imagined them to be someone unknown to me…✨

Who stopped into the clinic, informed me who they are and what their work and spiritual journey are all about, and the places they've been and who they've held space for…✨

✨And then proceeded to tell me something that could have been construed as being disparaging ~ about me / my social media pages✨

((LURKER! Ah-ha!!)) 😁

🦋Found myself surprised actually, as pretty much all of the women (not to leave you men out… you’re seriously amazing ~ this rant, though, is celebrating the sisters) in my life, be they client ~ friend ~ relative ~ whilst staying in unflinching honesty and authenticity, celebrate each others’ achievements and beauty because they realise that by lifting each other up, we lift the whole of womanhood🦋

✨So it begged the question: what was the purpose of this encounter? Was there something truly out of sync in me and thereby manifesting out into social media?✨

👉I chose to take a look inside and around me, to see what I’m creating… the frequency that’s showing up👈

💛Of course there’s always plenty of room for growth; and observing in this moment, I feel so blessed for all the high-frequency manifestations in my life💛

✨So I followed up that little experience with a BFF chat yesterday; she had had an experience herself just a few days ago with unconscious “undercutting”, envy and jealousy showing up✨

✨Truth is, everyone that shows up in our lives is there for a reason. Our response ~ no matter the reason ~ is to be grateful for the ability to perceive, with discernment, authenticity… of the messenger, of the message delivered, and received✨

🙏And then to release with love🙏

✨On this life journey, my vision for myself is to be an untethered, authentic and fully aligned force of light, filled with gratefulness✨

✨Continually softening and unknotting what no longer serves… Now more than ever, releasing ~ and assisting others in their release ~ the limiting patterns and beliefs that keep us from thriving and enjoying our best, most luscious, joy-filled lives✨

🙏And so I am deeply grateful🙏

💛And so I lovingly release💛

✨What about you, Beauties? ✨What is your vision for your life ~ for yourself? ✨Where are you with your authenticity, the truth of your being?✨What is your practice to sustain an open heart, no matter what?✨

🙏I’d love to know — share below, won’t you?

👉Here's a practice for today: Choose to hold every. single. action. deeply in your heart — no matter what comes your way, be grateful for the authenticity, choose to love it ~ heal it ~ celebrate it right then, right there in your heart, and then explode all that goodness out into your world👈

✨THIS is high frequency work✨

💛THIS is how we transform💛

✨I’m grateful for all of you✨

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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