✨I feel like a brand new 💛me💛 today!✨
✨I feel like a brand new 💛me💛 today!✨
Cameron McCarthy

✨I feel like a brand new 💛me💛 today!✨

✨Yesterday was one of those “call in one of the team” days ~ ever had one of THOSE?✨

✨Something is off… really not working… and it’s time to work with an expert outside of yourself to turn things around✨

🦋I feel so fortunate to know some amazing people on my journey, who assist ~ facilitate ~ help shift energies and situations in my life🦋

✨My special “team” consists of:
💛Ozone specialist
💛Reiki Master
💛Massage therapist
💛Life Coach
💛Yoga instructor

👉Who’s on your “team”, Beauties? When you feel stuck, who is your go-to person/people that assist in transitions and transformations?👈

⚪️Short back story: I’d come home from an extraordinarily busy clinic day; nothing outside of the ordinary kind of day. Staff and patients are beautiful beings, life is simply… well, normal. And yet, on the way home, I remark to The Beloved that I felt like my soul has been sucked out of me⚪️

⚪️I felt flattened. Empty. ⚪️

⚪️Barely could get myself through the shower, and collapsed into bed, fetal position, around 7p.⚪️

🦊The lovely kitty came and snuggled in next to me, and all was well🦊

🔪Until 3am, when he attacked me, all teeth and claws🔪

–> NEVER done that before <–

👉Time to contact the Reiki Master👈

✨What an amazing, clearing session! Teresa​ facilitated a distance Reiki session on both myself and Black Cat✨

🦋End result: “hitchhikers” 👻👻👻removed, once again a peaceful night with the kitty😽 who no longer had to protect me, and I feel completely back in my body today. Yay!🦋

✨💛✨Thought for today: as you tap into ever deeper inner sources of wisdom and creativity, utilise whatever resources are at your disposal to keep your journey moving in the direction of your focus, that luscious succulent life you deserve, Beauties✨💛✨

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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