✨I Feel Your Pain✨
✨I Feel Your Pain✨

✨I Feel Your Pain✨

Why Work With Me?

We sometimes say things like "I feel your pain"... "I know what that's like"... "I've been there"... 

Do we really?

Are we ever able to completely put ourselves in someone else's shoes?

Let me share my story here:

I’m Cameron... Self-love and Luscious Empowered Queen, Partner, Adventurist, Visionary, Spiritual Guide, Friend, Coach, Mentor, Animal Lover, Businesswoman AND Creator Of My Own Reality.

I’m passionate about living a luscious and empowered life in ALL areas - mind ~ relationships ~ health ~ wellbeing ~ career ~ spirituality ~ wealth.

AND I love supporting other women to do the same.

I've journeyed through some amazingly extreme challenges in my life:

✨I was brought up in wealth ~ and I have also been homeless

✨I was raised in a family of divorce ~ and I am married to the incredible man I manifested

✨I have created six figures in my bank account ~ and I have served food at Denny’s

✨I have lived in stunning homes ~ and have had one burnt completely to the ground

✨I am in an amazing partnership with my Beloved ~ and survived unspeakable abuse at the hands of a former partner

✨I have an abiding, deep, daily relationship with the Universe and this divine benevolent, creative energy that imbues everything with the spark of life ~ and for the better part of 12 years was immersed in a religious cult that was so pervasive, there seemed to be no way out

All of this has led me to being the woman I am today - strong, gentle, empowered, on purpose, deeply content, feminine, confident, self-loved up, balanced, living and creating a life of magnificence, inspired and inspiring, self-assured and doing the things that light me up.

I came across the principles, tools and mentors I needed to wake up to my soul, fall in love with who I am, and manifest this life that shows up abundantly and lavishly.

So I did the work. 

🌷I invested in coaches. 

🌷I took courses. 

🌷I got coaching qualifications. 

🌷I got clear on my authentic dreams and divine worthiness. 

🌷I worked on my money mindset. 

🌷I took radical responsibility for my life. 

🌷I deep studied manifestation ~ meditation ~ abundance.

I now live by the beach and travel the world. I wake up every day and write, coach and teach from my heart and truth.

I mentor women who are ready to pursue their purpose, own their feminine worth, and manifest their next level dreams.  

I have epic boundaries, a huge heart, am impeccable with my word, speak ONLY truth and know exactly how to support and shift a woman from her lack of self-worth to learning how to love not only ALL of who she is but also to love her entire LIFE.

My mission to assist conscious women embody their highest selves, actualise their potential and live their divine purpose with radiance, unlocking their highest potential, honouring their feminine power.

Are you ready to transform your life into one you're wildly excited with?  Are you ready to alchemise your passion into your soul's purpose?

I feel your pain.

I'm here to help.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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