✨I've been tired✨
✨I've been tired✨
Cameron McCarthy

✨I've been tired✨

✨There's been a couple of physical "reasons" for feeling tired:

~ A minor surgery that... even though it was impeccable... and my body knows how to heal amazingly... still required some stillness, some peacefilled downtime

~ And then I received a marvellous rejuvenate cell therapy implant that again necessitated some rest and quiet; not a surprise to simply rest and want to rest some  more... for about 3 days

✨But these things don't add up to the real, bone-fatigued exhaustion that's been showing up✨

🦋I'm pretty  willing to sit with things these days, find the wonder and the curiosity, rather than attempt to shift things by force. And so I've been observing... and resting... and wondering... and resting..🦋

💛And a lovely Being shared a message with me - it's below ⬇️

👉Check in with yourself and see if any of this resonates with you, Beauties ~ it has with me👈

"Our bodies are changing and we are going through extreme releasing so that more light can enter our cells, and previously dormant DNA can activate. We are all feeling the many subtle changes going on around us and within our bodies, and this will continue to happen so that our energy has time to adjust to the new frequencies being transmitted. 

"Many are incredibly tired and spent. Heightened sensitivities, electrical surges and buzzing through the body, heightened sensitivities to sound and energy. Sleep disturbances and a need for more stillness and quiet. Feelings of exhaustion and burnout. 

"Our life force readjusts as gentle waves of light move through us. These internal adjustments are here to attune us and clear away the inner pollution we have been carrying.

"The more we can continue to process our shadow selves, the more effortless our transition will be.

"We are opening up to the lines of extra-sensory communication that haven't been previously available to us."

~ Terri Morehu, The Age of Unity

✨Sending you stillness ~ softness ~ and gentle waves of light on your journey today, Beauties✨

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