💛Joy Is The Key💛
💛Joy Is The Key💛
Cameron McCarthy

💛Joy Is The Key💛

How's the manifesting flowing, Beauties?

Has it become a part of the whole that is You, as integrated as breath, as your ever-awakening consciousness becomes even more adept with the integration of absolutely knowing that ✨You. Create. Your. Reality✨ ?

Do you find yourself able to speak your desire... release it with delight... continue your journey in the frequency of the gift already received...

Or ~ perhaps there's some frustration or disappointment with the timing?  This can be challenging, Beauties, as so much of the time we want to manifest, snap our fingers and voila! Success!  And sometimes this does appear to happen; however, there's a bit more to it all than what it might look like on the surface.

I've been dancing in the sheer lusciousness of this new place The Beloved, the jaguar and I now inhabit, and have been thoroughly delighted sharing this stunning home with friends.  Almost to a person, they want to know the process ... and the timeline ... that this particular creation took.  From start to now.

It's a great story, and I'll share it at some point here in the blog.

The main theme that lights up the story, is the level of joy✨ we held at every step of the way.  From the outside, it appeared like a fantastic set of "coincidences" over a short period of time that got us to this amazing frequency of bliss and peace.  

From the inside, every thought was filled with delight.  Every conversation... every time we imagined ourselves living in such beauty... we giggled with joy at the thoughts we imagined of ease, peace, beauty.

✨Joy✨.  It makes such a difference, Beauties.  Abraham (through Esther and Jerry Hicks) even has a song about it: "Joy! Joy! Joy!".  They also said


"There is nothing more delicious in all of the Universe

than to be in a place where you can consciously witness the workings of the Universe

as the Universe does your bidding."


It's the key that unlocks your manifesting miracles, Beauties ~ let the joy and delight flow, and Live in that new frequency.  Allow the Universe to do what the Universe does best: respond to that frequency.

And watch what happens...

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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