✨Let’s Talk About Manifesting!✨
✨Let’s Talk About Manifesting!✨
Cameron McCarthy
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✨Let’s Talk About Manifesting!✨

💥Here’s what I know💥

💛Your alignment is what attracts your greatest desires💛

👉It’s what empowers you to be a force for good in the world👈

✨Do you agree?✨

✨One of the biggest blocks to our abundance is thinking there’s not enough to go around✨

✨The idea that there’s not enough to go around is such a pervasive fear ~ and in this fear state, we struggle to get what we want… and then we take pride in our overachiever behaviour. There’s a belief inside us that we have to get as much as we can before someone else takes it. That there’s only so much to go around. Do you see this in yourself?✨

✨While this might catapult us into action, it can just as likely paralyse us. Many people avoid taking action on their desires because they fear the potential for disappointment. When you believe there’s a limit to abundance and joy, you may avoid trying altogether✨

👉Notice that when attention and intention shifts from a world of lack to a world of abundance, we 💡remember💡 that there’s MORE than enough to go around👈

💛When you approach the world as a ☀️vibrational reality☀️ rather than a physical space, that’s when your desires become real💛

🌈When you’re able to access the ☀️energy of abundance☀️ and have faith that the Universe always provides, you can begin to feel your desire come into form before it shows up in the physical world🌈

✨We can’t have one foot in the world of lack and one foot in the world of abundance. Our work is all about ☀️alignment☀️, Beauties! When you’re aligned with the Universe, you know anything is possible and lack fades away✨

👉What is your daily practice, that assists you to tune in to the frequency that allows you to recognise all the abundance all around you?👈

💛When you’re tuned in to the ☀️energy of abundance☀️, you become abundant💛

✨Do you have a goal you’re working to achieve? It can be so easy to get caught up in what you think you need, or the deadline you’ve imposed on yourself✨

💥Instead of obsessing about the outcome, focus on how you want to feel💥

✨Walking through life consciously choosing how you want to feel, regardless of what’s happening around you, strengthens your faith and certainty. You’ll feel certain because even if the actual desire has not yet manifested into form, it’s manifested into your emotions✨

🌈Over time, your visions will easily manifest into your reality and you’ll truly know what it means to paint the portrait of your life🌈

🦋What manifesting comes down to is 💛aligning with love💛, Beauties🦋

✨Reflect on your dreams ~ desires ~ goals… and think about how you want to feel. Stay with that feeling, that gorgeous feeling of love, and trust that things will unfold precisely as they should✨.💛What will you manifest today, Beauties?💛

Live Luscious,


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