💛Practicing Ukeireru💛
💛Practicing Ukeireru💛
Cameron McCarthy
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💛Practicing Ukeireru💛

The Japanese Art of Acceptance

I love learning new words with rich, expansive meanings, Beauties.  Don't you? 

Somehow non-English words seem to hold more delicate flavours... beautiful sounds... delightful textures...  To me, anyway.

In Japan, numerous words mean "acceptance."  Depending on who you are with and the situation in which you find yourself, finding the right words to express acceptance varies and presents challenges for both the speaker as well as the listener.  Endeavouring to understand this at deeper levels than my own preconceived conceptions, I contacted some beloved friends to see if I could grasp the abundance of nuance in this gorgeous, elegant word.


Here's one definition I received: "Used by a mother with a child to accept something gently, fun to imagine inside oneself, accepting reality."

What would it be like to act each day inspired by ukeireru, Beauties?  What might we do?  What might we say?  What sorts of things can we participate in to have that sense of well-being brought about by acceptance?

Ukeireru isn't just about self-acceptance.  It means acceptance of our relationships in our families... in school... at work... in our communities.  It means accepting others.  It means accepting reality and creating contexts that broaden the narrow, confining, perspective of Self.

The idea is to accept yourself ~ your family ~ your friends , your colleagues ~ your community.  Period.

As you do this, coming from a state of calm self-awareness, you might be able to understand other points of view.  And then further, to change things... even the conditions that created or contributed to stress in the first place.

Create well-being, and then address the problems that contribute to your isolation, your worry, your sadness. You can then choose to take the energy that comes from being calm to make necessary changes that will uplift and inspire.

Ukeireru creates a kind of basic state of immediacy... of being present.  Time seems to slow down ~ you're not always thinking ahead... you're not always thinking back.

How do you see your acceptance, ukeireru, showing up for you, Beauties?  How present can you become with everyone and everything... today?

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