Remember Who You Are
Remember Who You Are
Cameron McCarthy
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Remember Who You Are

🌷We are all so sacred.


Sometimes we know that.

Sometimes we forget. For long stretches.

Decades even.

Why? We're scared.
~ Scared of others' disapproval.
~ Scared we won't fit in.
~ Scared there won't be a spot for us.
~ Scared of making waves.
~ Scared of being seen as selfish.
~ Scared of being in the way or doing it wrong.

💫Here in New Zealand we have falcons. They're raptors ~ birds of prey.

💫Their eyesight is 8-10 times more powerful than humans. They can rotate their heads 270°. They can dive 150 miles an hour and catch their prey in flight or on the ground.

In many cultures, raptors represent a call to view situations from a higher perspective. They are considered messengers of the spirit world, encouraging us to see more clearly and connect more deeply with our sacred awareness and intuition.

They want us to know that we can spiritually fly, and reach the skies, effortlessly.

They are magnificent.

🌷I'm seeing some similarities between women and falcons.

Stay with me, Beauties.

We see things from a higher perspective.

We have sacred impeccable intuition. We just Know.

👉But we don't always behave that way.

Living for so long in a patriarchal world culture, we have forgotten ourselves.

We are taught to disconnect from our power... our intuition... our ability to hunt ~ seize ~ lay claim ~ outstretch our full wingspan.

We are magnificent falcons who sometimes act like sparrows.

We are taught to back away when we meet resistance. Taught to defer, deflect, demure.

Who and what does that serve, Queens?

This is the decade ~ the time ~ the moment to lay claim to all that you are and everything you have to contribute.

To make yourself heard.
To disrupt expectations with your unique extraordinary perspective that sees and knows what she wants and needs.
To capture what you require.
To fly.

🌷And that's what happens when the holy is alive in a woman.

🌷Her scared becomes sacred.

🌷She remembers she's a falcon.

👑A Queen.

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