💛Sacred Rituals💛
💛Sacred Rituals💛
Cameron McCarthy

💛Sacred Rituals💛

Time to Elevate

✨Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.

~ Joseph Campbell

🌷Time to reclaim something magical: the ability to elevate something into the realm of the sacred.

✨Time to remember that there is an element of the divine in the world ~ in every living being, every object, every breath.

🌷These are ordinary things... to be deeply appreciated.

✨What would your life look like, if you turned what matters most to you into a sacred ritual?

✨"I make everything a ritual, and I always do my best. Taking a shower is a ritual for me, and with that action I tell my body how much I love it. I feel and enjoy the water on my body. I do my best to fulfil the needs of my body. I do my best to give to my body and to receive what my body gives to me." ~ Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

🌷Any act that you do each day, that's important to you, can be considered for something to turn into ritual:

🌟Start of your day ~ by choosing conscious intention... gratitude... reflection... meditation... quiet... aspiration... appreciation

🌟Work ~ by creating intention around it, appreciating what you're creating... pouring yourself into the act... bringing mindfulness to it

🌟Email and messages ~ what if instead of just diving in, it became a sacred ritual of connection... of carefully considering issues... of crafting language?

🌟Exercise ~ can this be brought into the realm of the divine... letting it be an act of love for our bodies... an act of connection to our environment... an act of full presence and highest purpose?

🌟Sleep ~ by reflecting on our day, preparing for our time of rest, slowing down and appreciating our lives

✨If something's in your life, it must matter tremendously to you.

✨And because it matters, why not create a ritual around the deeper practice of showing up with awareness and love ~ and sacred intention ~ in your life.

🌷Today is a beautiful day to begin, Beauties.

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