Cameron McCarthy


✨When connecting in to my inner guidance, I received the message to soften✨


✨This word is becoming a touchstone for me as I feel into its texture and power✨

👉Softening is not passive👈

It is:
~ ✨receptive
~ ✨relational
~ ✨slow
~ ✨loving
~ ✨nurturing
~ ✨wild
~ ✨unpredictable
~ ✨strong without being hard
~ ✨flexible without being chaotic

✨So here's to softness ~ strong, powerfilled softness✨

💛To cracking open our hearts so that softness can flood out... soothe brittle hardness away... transform into flexible✨ loving✨ fearless strength💛

✨Today I wish for you the gift of softness, Beauties✨


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