👑Still A Manifesting Queen Without a Zen Den?👑
👑Still A Manifesting Queen Without a Zen Den?👑
Cameron McCarthy

👑Still A Manifesting Queen Without a Zen Den?👑

We shifted house several weeks ago.

Our new home is magnificent ~ breathtaking ~ having outrageous expansive views along the Bream Bay coastline, where we live.

The house has every practicality... and luscious luxury... built into it that one can imagine.  Stunning doesn't even begin to capture just how uplifting and nurturing it is to wake up in this environment.🙏


There is no ✨Zen Den✨.

Ever since I began my meditation/manifestation practice over 40 years ago, I have always had a ✨Zen Den✨ ~ that special place that held my frequency... beautiful music... yoga mat and cushion... candles... crystals... light-filled space where I would spend the beginning and ending of each day.  Where meditation and manifestation held hands and created💛.

And so the question comes up for me: Can I still be a Manifestation Queen👑 without a Zen Den✨?  

For so many of us, our lives are changing at a breathtaking rate that is nearly impossible to keep up with.  I want to reach inside that portal of change and place a grounding, sisterly hand on your shoulder, as we navigate all that is unknown.

There is a new place of trust that is being asked for.

We are no longer able to rely on what is happening outside of us, Beauties.  It is time, now, to learn how to completely surrender and trust, within.   Which is no easy feat for a woman.

We were taught to mistrust our bodies, mistrust our power, mistrust ourselves and each other, from birth.  

And that, right there, is the gift, the opportunity of this time.  

At this remarkable juncture in our lives, something else is being called forward.  And none of us really knows what.  Or how.  Or when.  How do you let go of what was... when there is nothing even remotely familiar on the horizon to reach out and grab onto?


When we choose to connect with the gorgeous, empowered feminine force inside of ourselves, we realise we were born for these times.  

Actually, these times are what we have always been waiting for.  WE are the ones we've been waiting for.  💛Truth!💛

Look around at the world ~ Your world, Beauties.  The patriarchal world culture is crumbling all around us, and it is up to each of us to connect with a buried truth, that was always ours, that is so needed in the world right now.

Time now for each of us to unplug from the judgments of the world and plug into the deep, irrevocable, feminine intuition and knowledge that we were born with.

When you truly connect to your feminine power, you are guided within/and without to see opportunity where there is none, for yourself and others.

There are so many ways to interpret the circumstances we are in.  Everything rests on our interpretation, on how we internalise our reality, on the thoughts that we choose ~ to manifest the reality we choose.

Our world is suffering from its disconnection from the feminine. And each of us, as women, now has the opportunity to bring both ourselves and the world back into realignment, when we begin to trust and surrender to our own truth and intuition.  

And no, we don’t need a Zen Den✨, to know we are Manifesting Queens👑. We can Queen👑 from anywhere, anytime, no matter what we are doing.

👑Crown on, Beauties!👑

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