✨Story time, Beauties✨
✨Story time, Beauties✨
Cameron McCarthy
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✨Story time, Beauties✨

✨For the good of all✨

🌱And guess what?🌱

👉I know you know👈

💛👑It took 3 1/2 days of conscious joy-filled manifesting. By two manifesting queens👑💛

📬The package arrived ~ here… at its intended destination. In perfect condition. No other labels besides the Customs release. It had never been opened📬🔥

✨It had never been returned to the seller✨

📯Excitedly, I sent a text to a most relieved seller — who then sent me a further screenshot of the tracking number along with an updated RETURNED notice💥

🔥We manifested something that, all appearances to the contrary, shouldn’t have been possible🔥

✨👉✨It works, Beauties✨👈✨

✨Enjoy all of the beautiful💛 amazing💛 miraculous💛 manifestations YOU create today✨

✨And live Luscious✨


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