✨Time for a self-approval day✨
✨Time for a self-approval day✨
Cameron McCarthy

✨Time for a self-approval day✨

✨Right now, I'd like you to check in with yourself;  what are you feeling? Any of these speak to you ?

~ loving 💫
~ sad 💫
~ surprised 💫
~ worried 💫
~ joyful 💫
~ depleted 💫
~ radiant 💫
~ grieving 💫
~ excited 💫

✨Several times today... and every day until it becomes second -nature... check in with your feelings✨

💛Say to yourself, " I'm feeling ______, and I love myself".💛
👉See, you can't judge yourself and affirm yourself at the same time👈
✨This act of love that you gift yourself with will quiet your inner critic, and shift you onto a path of more self nurturing and kindness✨
💛Which translates to yet more love in the world💛

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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