Voluntary Simplicity
Voluntary Simplicity
Cameron McCarthy

Voluntary Simplicity

✨Voluntary simplicity means

🌷Going fewer places in one day rather than more...

🌷Seeing less so that I can see more...

🌷Doing less so that I can do more...

🌷Acquiring less so that I can have more.

~ John Kabat-Zinn

✨When the process of removing obstructions to reveal our spectacular selves unfolds, not only does life get richer... more expansive... more lush and succulent...

✨It also gets simpler.

✨Our eyes see more clearly when there's less to captivate their attention ~ think soft focus rather than darting eyes.

✨Our ears hear more clearly when there's time and space between conversations ~ when we're able to really listen to the exquisite music of life.

✨Notice how time spent slowly and luxuriously in one action feels so much more complete than many hurried activities.

✨Take a look around in the special places of your home and note which areas feel best ~ the beautiful, well-loved, uncluttered spaces where your heart stays open, and you can rest.

🌷Scan your life today, Beauties ~ how does voluntary simplicity show up in your 2020 vision for this year?

✨Life can be so much more ~ by being less.

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