💛We Are Re-Remembering💛
💛We Are Re-Remembering💛
Cameron McCarthy

💛We Are Re-Remembering💛

We’ve made it to Day 20.

I see quite a few things coming out of these almost 3 weeks of government-enforced contemplation.

✨I see people quietly, calmly, deeply parting the waters of their beingness, down to their souls.  Learning why they’re here ~ why they’ve chosen now to incarnate ~ comprehending what their soul purpose is.

✨I see people begin to stretch, to start to put feelers out into the rainbow of possibilities that surround them.  All understand that the outside world, much like their inner world, has forever changed… and from this standpoint are endeavouring to see a way forward.

And even this is appearing to show up in some very unique ways:

✨Those who consciously, daily imagine and create a 5D world, re-wiring their patterns to accommodate more light, more colour, more possibility.

✨Those who are holding a vision, and choosing a stand of freedom with regard to vaccines… to 5G…  to calling leaders to impeccable accountability for their actions.

Yes, Beauties, this time of total lock-down is serving us immensely. It is moving us into states of re-assessment, of asking significant questions.

Our values have changed.  Can you see it?  We are being brought back to the deepest truths within ourselves, and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the old systems, the old structures, the old form of life, have left us.  

We cannot go back to where we were before.  Not on any level.

Isn’t it marvellous?!  I feel delight absolutely pulsing through my veins, gushing from my heart in an ecstasy of light.   

💛We have shifted.

💛We have reconnected deeply within ourselves and found what truly matters.  

🌷And from this place we are re-remembering how to communicate from the heart… from the soul… from the depths of our being.  

🌷We are re-remembering how to be authentic, how to be real.  

🌷We are re-remembering the great gift of gratefulness, and how to nurture and care for what we have.  And for each other.

🌷We are re-remembering what is truly important ~ and what is not.

🌷We are re-remembering how to share.

💛The more I see what is unfolding here, the more grateful I become; with great love and pure joy, I am honoured to be dancing on this journey with you.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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