💛We're Doing It Again!💛
💛We're Doing It Again!💛
Cameron McCarthy

💛We're Doing It Again!💛

Life just got a little more interesting, Beauties…

You’ll remember that 30 day fast The Beloved and I undertook about 3 1/2 months ago; lovely, peaceful, soft, joyfilled.

We told ourselves we would do it again, and probably in Spring.  And then didn’t think about it again.

Well, here we are ~ it’s finally Springtime in New Zealand!  And still it didn’t really occur to us to start into another 30 day fast.  I’m certain you can imagine ~ it’s quite a commitment to get one’s head around!

Until a patient came into the clinic, at the end of their rope health wise… they’ve spent years working on themselves, trying every remedy imaginable to get back to a journey of thriving wellbeing.  And although every piece has added something to their path, radiant health has still not been achieved.

✨Enter the 30 day fast.

Their intuition ~ just that morning ~ was strongly suggesting that it was time for a fast, so by the time we connected, there was resonance.  The difference for them was that we both committed to completing the fast along with them.

When we went home that evening, I cleaned out the pantry, putting everything into bags and away into the larder.  Kind of a mental cleanse: out of sight, out of mind.  Then to the fridge, and voila!  We entered into our last meal together, and slipped into fasting mode.

There are some physical differences to the one from May that we’re noticing.  Firstly, simply because we have the remembrance of just how easy the last one was, there’s been no thought processes around this one at all.  We just know it’s going to be easy!

Secondly, in the 3 1/2 months since we completed the last one, we have each gained back about 1/3rd of the initial weight loss.  I was actually quite surprised at this.  We eased back into eating very gradually… coconut water… watermelon juice… fresh juice… fresh fruits… light soups… denser soups… salads… and then back to “regular” eating.  It took about 2 weeks to get to this stage ~ but then it really did feel like we were back to eating the way we did prior to the fast.  Apparently not!

So beginning at a lower weight, we are curious to see if there’s a place where the body actually comes into a beautiful space of balance and rest, and stabilises perfectly.  Definitely the daily weigh-in shows a much slower progression than that first time.

And thirdly, we’re positively delighted with the clarity that has once again shown up.  Clearer in relationships, clearer in conversations, clearer in body, clearer mentally.  There’s a cleanness to the way we’re approaching challenges… attention feels crystal-clear.

It’s day 5 as I write this: there’s calm ~ ease ~ a real sense of once again doing something really good and special for ourselves, even as we strongly assist and support another in this process.

There’s a lusciousness about it all this time, a joyful re-remembering of who we are, a heightened sense of delight in the frequency we get to share with others.  Seriously, we think it’s one of the mysteries of the Universe that only gets uncovered when you’re deeply in it.

We are the master creators of our reality, Beauties.  And we are consciously co-creating and building this new world together, founded on the most powerful force there ever was or is, in any dimension or timeline ~ infinitely

💛… LOVE.

And we do this by being the best we can be on our unique, gorgeous life journey… physically✨… emotionally✨… spiritually✨… financially✨… emotionally✨…

💛… and staying in that exquisite heart space…

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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