✨What if one day✨
✨What if one day✨
Cameron McCarthy

✨What if one day✨

✨You come to the realisation that you never again have to explain yourself away to anyone anymore✨

✨Or that you no longer must carry the burden of another’s false perception of you✨

👉Or your own perceived inadequacies👈

💛And you could relax ~ finally ~ in knowing you’re incredible in the ✨light✨ you are standing in at this moment💛

✨And what if you go on to not care about the judgments someone else might have… that your life is not full or amazing enough…✨

✨Or that you no longer feel the need to endlessly apologise for being human?✨

💛That day has been graciously waiting for you to begin swimming in its warm waters of love and acceptance💛

~ Susan Frybort


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