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When you feel good, it shows!

I'm Cameron - 60-something, living a luscious, consciously created life filled with colour, music, creativity, beautiful spaces, doses of nature, healthy food and a high frequency tribe.
Together with The Beloved, I teach readers the magical brilliance of fasting for health, luscious vitality and wellbeing.  We believe in keeping it simple... releasing old patterns whilst re-setting the body on all levels... and allowing the amazing transformations.  



Cameron is a feminine empowerment coach for conscious women.  Breathwork practitioner, all-things-fasting lover, intuitive counsellor and sacred space designer, she is known for her ability to encourage others to set their intentions and goals, no matter how lofty, and work toward them while staying true to themselves.

She has dedicated over 30 years in personal development, having trained with leaders in transformation, women's empowerment, functional medicine, divine femininity, combined with a background in business consulting and feminine empowerment coaching.

Her mission is to assist conscious women embody their highest selves, actualise their potential and live their divine purpose with radiance, unlocking their highest potential, honouring their feminine.

Cameron's magic is empowering conscious women to transform their lives into the one they're wildly in love with, and alchemise that passion into their soul's purpose.

You are a part of something magnificent.  Your wisdom and grace are bettering yourself to better the world.  

What will YOUR transformation story look like when you have Cameron teaching you, coaching you, guiding you and helping you not only activate your quantum health but most importantly LIVE & EMBODY the healthiest, happiest, most harmonic and deeply connected version of yourself?

I invite you to embody your full potential.

Our Manifesto ~ 

VISION – A world that comes together to heal.

MISSION – To connect people through self-care.

OUR WHY – We connect people through self-care so that, together, we can heal ourselves and our planet.

To you, Beauty,

You listen to your inner calling

To nurture wonder and curiosity.

To illumine your mind, inspire your heart.

With courage to kindle the fire on a journey of self-discovery.

We exist for you.

We have so much wisdom and grace just waiting to explode; it is my passion to take you on this journey of reclaiming your highest self.  And through this reclamation you unleash your highest potential.  Personally.  Professionally.  Spiritually.  Financially.

And then you create a ripple effect in your world.

Having transplanted to New Zealand from America, life is real, filled with conscious co-creation with The Beloved, beauty and luxury, obsession with the jaguar (aka Black Cat), assorted caterpillars and butterflies at any given moment, supporting the rise of the Divine Feminine, personal development, enchanting travels throughout this amazing world... and cats.

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